Janco Community Farms

In the News: Janco Community Farms

Talk about the ultimate farm-to-table experience! Janco Community Farms can bring tasty fruits and veggies right to your house, thanks to their mobile market bus. So, the next time you need to pick out healthy produce, you know who to contact. About Janco Community Farms During the past year, our community has grown closer. Like Read more about In the News: Janco Community Farms[…]

Rotary Farmers Market

Happening Now: Rotary Farmers Market

One of the most memorable parts of the summer is going to your local farmer’s market and hand-selecting fresh berries, tomatoes, zucchini, and more. If you have a hankering for fresh produce, we have some good news: the Statesville Rotary Farmers Market is back in session. Hungry for a visit? We have the details you Read more about Happening Now: Rotary Farmers Market[…]