Local Spotlight: Bigleaf Slopes Park

Bigleaf Slopes Park

Before we know it, summer will turn into fall. As this season wraps up, don’t forget to spend some hours exploring the great outdoors. Though the warm weather may not last as long as we’d like, we can still enjoy the fresh air outside at any time of the year at Bigleaf Slopes Park, near the Twin Oaks Golf Club. Never been? Want to plan a trip? Read on to learn more about this incredible local treasure!

About Bigleaf Slopes Park

Ever since 2016, people have visited Bigleaf Slopes Park’s 104 acres for scenic and safe place to enjoy nature. Famous for its looping trails and Magnolia macrophylla plants, it shows off some of the natural splendor our town has to offer.

As a fun fact, those magnolia plants gave the park its name! They’re also known as “bigleaf magnolia.” Try and see if you can find them on your trip!

The park exists thanks to collaboration from Iredell County Parks and Recreation, the Tarheel Trailblazers mountain bike organization and dedicated volunteers. So, go ahead—hit the trails!

More on the trails

Bigleaf Slopes Park features 4.5 miles of trails, though its creators hope to eventually create six miles total. The orange loop spans one mile, while the blue loop spans 3.5 miles. They welcome you to:

  • Mountain bike;
  • Hike;
  • Run; and
  • Walk.

Pro tip: If your bike encounters a little trouble, take it to the park’s bike repair station.

Visiting Details

Bigleaf Slopes Park is just a drive away! It’s located at 341 Twin Oaks Road in Statesville. That’s 6.9 miles, or about 14 minutes depending on traffic, from Summer Pointe.

Finally, if you have any questions about the park, you can always call the Iredell County Parks and Recreation department at 704-878-3103.


Like to bike? Prefer to run? Or do you want to take in all the beauty with a long stroll? No matter how you decide to spend your time outside, you’ll love Bigleaf Slopes Park. And by the way—don’t forget to bring water and put on sunscreen!

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