In the News: Janco Community Farms

Janco Community Farms

Talk about the ultimate farm-to-table experience! Janco Community Farms can bring tasty fruits and veggies right to your house, thanks to their mobile market bus. So, the next time you need to pick out healthy produce, you know who to contact.

About Janco Community Farms

During the past year, our community has grown closer. Like many of us, Janco Community Farms noticed a striking need—and decided to solve it. Food insecurity and food deserts make it hard for people to obtain affordable, healthy food. Add a pandemic into the mix, and suddenly eating well becomes nearly impossible.

So, as a result, back in March 2020, Christina Benton and Cameron Tate joined together to start Janco Community Farms. First, Benton worked hard to find two acres of land and a bus to drive. Then, Tate, who also manages the farm, got behind of the wheel of their new mobile market bus.

Ever since, they’ve continued on a crucial path. From farmers’ markets to home delivery, they continue to do their part to make sure everyone can obtain the nutrients they need to thrive. In the future, they aim to have a mini mart for customers to visit too!

What can I order?

You have plenty of delicious options when you order from Janco Community Farms. On their website, you can order selections like:

  • Whole chickens;
  • Farm-fresh eggs;
  • Fruits like lemons and peaches;
  • Vegetables like onions and carrots; and
  • Weekly produce boxes filled with yummy fruit and veggies designed to feed anywhere from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8.

The site also features sections like plants and dry goods to be updated soon!

How can I order?

Customers can easily order online on the Janco Community Farms website. Add your faves into the virtual basket and get ready for checkout. You can also peruse their schedule here. It shows when they’ll deliver and where they’ll be selling their produce each day.


A fresh harvest awaits. Now, instead of traveling far to find fresh fruit and veggies, you can simply order online for delivery. If you can, support an important local organization—Janco Community Farms—this year. Even if that means sharing this blog or telling your friends about their services, you can help them make good food accessible to everyone.

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