Local Spotlight: Statesville’s American Renaissance School

Statesville’s American Renaissance School

The schools you attend don’t just give you an education. They also determine whether or not you will cultivate a desire to gain new skills and knowledge long after you’ve left the classroom. At Statesville’s American Renaissance School, educators aim to inspire their students to embark on a life in search of endless education. Read on to learn more about this local charter school in Downtown Statesville, NC.

What distinguishes a charter school from other public schools?

Charter schools offer an alternative learning experience—without charging tuition. Notably, they are public schools and benefit from government funding.

Their name comes from the charters, or standards and practices, that guide their curriculums. These charters determine how they operate as their own distinct school. This distinguishes them from other public schools!

More on Statesville’s American Renaissance School

The Renaissance ushered in an era of flourishing arts and sciences. Considering the fact that Statesville’s American Renaissance draws on—so to speak—art to enhance their curriculum, the name makes perfect sense. They aim to infuse drawing, painting, and more into the overall experience.

Ultimately, this creative approach, paired with individually-centered nurturing, helps students gain a deeper passion for knowledge. And ideally, the educators at the school hope that this passion will stay with every young scholar even after they all graduate.

With a charter drawn up by Kate Alice Dunaway in 1996, the school first welcomed students later in 1998. Its first class consisted of 124 elementary school students! Then, in 2008, the American Renaissance Charter School joined together with the American Renaissance Middle School. Now, their two different campuses teach 585 students in grades kindergarten through 8th!

An Exciting Expansion

Growth has always been a crucial tenet of Statesville’s American Renaissance School. This time, it will happen in a very literal sense with their upcoming expansion. They plan to start moving into their new campus on Tradd Street prior to the 2022-2023 school year!

How can my student attend the school?

New students for Statesville’s American Renaissance School are chosen via public lottery. This year’s deadline recently passed on March 10. However, you can always keep an eye out for the next public lottery in 2022!


Downtown Statesville has provided a home to new generations of thinkers. As the years pass, we’re sure that the students of Statesville’s American Renaissance School will impact the world around them. Scientists, artists, and curious minds—we can’t wait to see how they change the earth for the better!

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