In the News: Statesville Regional Airport

Statesville Regional Airport

It helps to think of the economy as a chef in the kitchen. If it isn’t feeding itself, then it doesn’t have the energy to feed others. And so, everyone at the restaurant will start to get hungry. Not to overuse the metaphor, but a recent report shows just how much Statesville Regional Airport helps our town serve up a successful economy. Read on to learn what it brings to the table.

About Statesville Regional Airport

Conveniently located close to two major interstates, Statesville Regional Airport first opened back in March of 1940. For almost 81 years, it has offered a place for small planes and corporate aircrafts alike to take to the skies. Fun fact: our city actually owns this airport. That tidbit will come in handy in a moment!

Why does Statesville Regional Airport offer such an appealing draw?

If you’ve been on a plane, you know how much time you spend just waiting for takeoff. Sometimes, it feels like that anticipation lasts longer than the flight itself. Well, Statesville Regional Airport has enough distance in air space between the nearest airport to make quicker takeoffs possible. After all, they don’t have to schedule clearance as carefully, with so many competing flights.

Notably, they serve private flights and jets, not the average Joe. However, with fewer planes taking up other airport runways, it’s possible that their presence can impact flight wait times at other locations.

Another client base they serve? NASCAR and Fortune 500 companies! Statesville Regional Airport provides corporate aviation facilities for Fortune 500 companies and numerous NASCAR teams, with around 13 NASCAR jets on their strip. Next time you see those cars racing around a track, you can proudly know that they’ve made the race possible for certain drivers.

And finally—we can’t forget the Carolina Balloonfest. People far and wide have visited Statesville, NC to attend this October event. Usually, around 30,000 spectators come to watch! This year will mark its 38th incarnation! Remember to look to the skies, where you can see 50 hot air balloons launched at the Airport.

How does Statesville Regional Airport affect our local economy?

Time really is money! Statesville Regional Airport saves precious hours for jetsetters. In turn, it generates substantial sums for our city. Since the airport belongs to the city of Statesville, NC, our town can enjoy its revenue with jobs, taxes, and more.

Tourism dollars also receive a big boost during the Not to mention, considering how many big clients come through our town, we also can benefit from their spending. Thank you, NASCAR!

Finally, the Airport also helps businesses in town succeed on a larger level. Back in 2019, the Airport ranked 6th in air cargo tonnage. That accomplishment holds heavy weight! Because we have nearby spot capable of shipping parts to auto manufacturers around the country, that means more profit for us. And again, the cycle continues, because that also means more jobs and more benefits from tax dollars.

Approximately how much money does the Airport bring to our economy?

According to the aforementioned 2019 report from the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation, Statesville Regional Airport earns an impressive amount. $8.7 million goes straight to city taxes. That means much-needed funds for schools, healthcare, and public works projects.

The Airport’s presence also generates an impressive footprint on our community: $139.2 million. So, a decent portion of our local economy owes its success to one important place!

What’s new at the Airport?

Since 2013, Statesville Regional Airport has received almost $29 million in federal and state grants. That money goes to help with construction projects at the airport. Right now, there are four construction projects that are about to start to make the airport even better for its passengers.

Where is Statesville Regional Airport?

People haven’t flown as much lately! Still when folks take to the skies again, Statesville Regional Airport awaits at the aptly-named 238 Airport Road in west Statesville.


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