In the News: Bus Route Tracking App for Iredell Schools

Bus Route Tracking App for Iredell Schools

When students return to school from the Thanksgiving holiday, parents will have a new peace of mind when it comes to transportation. Thanks to a bus route tracking app for Iredell schools, parents can time bus stop drop-off and pick-up perfectly.

Good Timing

Thousands of families across Iredell County will soon be able to download a real-time bus tracking app that uses GPS data to locate buses along their routes, predicting their arrival at specific bus stops.

With the changing weather and cooler temperatures, some parents opt to let their children wait for the bus in the warmth of their cars in the early mornings. The bus route tracking app for Iredell schools eliminates those unnecessary wait times. The same can be said for the afternoon pick-up.

“Here Comes The Bus”

The bus route tracking app for Iredell schools, “Here Comes The Bus,” is free to download and is available for smartphones, computers or tablets. Besides offering real-time tracking, the app also sends emails and push notification alerts as the school bus approaches a student’s bus stop.

This feature is helpful for those unpredictable mornings when things aren’t going quite as planned, and you’re rushing out the door hoping you don’t miss the bus. Now you will receive an alert that the bus is approaching.

So Far So Good

The school district is currently piloting the use of the app with a few select schools across the system and so far, so good. In a statement released by Iredell-Statesville Schools, they confirmed all students and parents will receive information about the app and how to link student information to it before they are dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday.


The bus route tracking app for Iredell Schools is one more way the schools can connect parents with educators and bus drivers and ease the worry of parents if the bus is running late or there are unexpected delays.

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