Local Spotlight: Preservation Statesville

Preservation Statesville

Each person lives an interesting, unique life of their very own. Their stories survive long after, thanks to the efforts of organizations like Preservation Statesville. This local institution strives to show us more of the past, collection documents, stories, artifacts and more.

What is Preservation Statesville?

Preservation Statesville is a local organization. Their mission? Preserving history, discovering more of the past, and making it more accessible for the community and researchers. Their reach also isn’t just limited to Statesville. They also study documents, artifacts, and materials from the areas around Iredell County.

Steve Hill runs this non-profit organization. Initially, the collection started small, with its items residing safely in a warehouse. Over the years, thanks to his finds, donations, and hard work, its holdings have grown. Now, you can find them at a gallery! Some of the items in the collection include:

  • Old advertisements;
  • Glass objects;
  • Movie posters;
  • A 1961 paddy wagon;
  • Recordings created by artists from the area;
  • Government documents;
  • And more.

Where is the Preservation Statesville Collection—and how do I visit it?

Currently, the Preservation Statesville Collection resides at 212 N. Center St. Admission is free for all! The hours run from Monday to Friday, from 12 to 5 p.m. You can also make an appointment!

How can I support Preservation Statesville?

Many of us prefer to spend time at home right now. Luckily, you can support Preservation Statesville from anywhere in the world—even if it’s just your couch. Some of the ways you can support them, both on-site and remotely include:

  • Becoming a member of Preservation Statesville;
  • Volunteering for them;
  • Sharing their pages and talking about them online; and
  • Donating older items, like newspaper articles, photos, memorabilia, and more.


Our history isn’t always about the big moments. The past is also filled with interesting little things, like movie posters, family photos, and glassware. These tiny objects show that those before us lived real and varied lives, with simple moments among the grand ones. If you want to see the full picture of our history, consider visiting the Preservation Statesville Collection.

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