7 Quick Facts About Statesville, North Carolina

Facts About Statesville, North Carolina

In Statesville, we have a certain state of mind. And that’s community. These facts about Statesville, North Carolina give more than enough reason as to why we’re the place where it all comes together.

Our roots run deep.

Settlers first arrived in Statesville in 1753. Statesville’s rich soil and abundant wildlife drew these pilgrims from their original settlements in Pennsylvania.

We went through a name change.

First called Fourth Creek Congregation, Statesville took on the name it’s known by today in the late 18th century. This same time period saw Statesville take on the mantle of county seat for Iredell County.

We’re historically significant.

Statesville boasts a significant historical site in Congregation Emmanuel. The 19th century synagogue building still stands in Statesville. That’s one of less than a hundred in the nation.

We were a production powerhouse.

Statesville led the state in the mid-1800s in tobacco production and whiskey. Roots and herb distribution also fueled our economic industry.

We can claim to be a first.

Our very own Mitchell Community College earned the first spot for community colleges in NASA’s University Student Launch Initiative competition during the 2008–2009 school year.

Historical sites call us home.

Statesville has more than 25 buildings and neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places. Allison Woods, Fort Dobbs, and Mitchell College are but a few. Historical significance just seems to be part of the broader fabric of facts about Statesville, North Carolina that gives us our character.

We’re a hoot.

Literally. Between 1939 and 1963, Statesville was home to the minor league baseball team, the Statesville Owls. The Owls secured championships in the 1940, 1948, and 1962 seasons. Senior High Stadium, where the Owls played, is still in use by the high school’s baseball team today.


Statesville is the place where it all comes together, especially community, as history shows. Come join our community at Summer Pointe! Living with us comes with quite the list of perks, not to mention the great sense of community we all share. For more on why Statesville—and Summer Pointe—should be on your mind, be sure to follow our blog!

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