Coming Up: Statesville Comic Con 2020

Statesville Comic Con 2020

Heroes. Villains. A collection of your favorite comic book characters all in one place. Don your costume caped crusader—Statesville Comic Con 2020 is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 8.

What are Comic Cons?

Short for comic book conventions, comic cons serve as a place where comic book collectors, creators, and publishers convene. Comic cons are where people can enjoy each other’s company, and learn about what’s upcoming in the comic book world.

Comic book enthusiasts flock to comic cons for the latest updates on the newest comic book, comic series, movie, or other media. Creators and publishers use the convention as a chance to showcase their latest work—and advertise forthcoming works, specials, and more.

Comic cons feature fan-favorites such as cosplaying, which allows attendees to dress up as a comic book or movie character. Cosplay competitions have become a staple of many comic cons, with the most creative convention-goers crowned for their artistic flare and ingenious designs.

Statesville Comic Con 2020

Family-friendly, Statesville Comic Con 2020 will boast plenty of photo ops, professional magicians, and a parade of comic book characters swarming the Statesville Civic Center. The convention will also house pop culture icons and events ranging from the famed Mystery Machine to magic card tricks inside its doors this year. There might even be a Supernatural sighting of some sort!

Come as you are—or as your choice comic book character—and enjoy the festivities and fanfare. Statesville Comic Con 2020 is set for Saturday, Feb. 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in downtown Statesville.


Here in Statesville, we know how to throw a bash, comic book-based or otherwise. But fun-filled events are just part of what makes Statesville special. Life here is even better. Enjoy it all the more by living with us. See how Summer Pointe can suit your living needs. For more noteworthy news and events, come back to our blog!

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